Setup Instructions for Disc Golf Storage Rack

Customizable Disc Golf Storage Rack 

 For Disc Storage Rack Sizes:  

1 foot by 1 foot

1 foot by 2 feet

1 foot by 3 feet

1 foot by 4 feet

2 feet by 1 foot

2 feet by 2 feet

2 feet by 3 feet

2 feet by 4 feet

3 feet by 1 foot

3 feet by 2 feet

3 feet by 3 feet

3 feet by 4 feet

4 feet by 1 foot

4 feet by 2 feet

4 feet by 3 feet

4 feet by 4 feet



Thank you for purchasing a disc golf rack from Shadow Pine Woodworks! It will ensure your collection stays organized and accessible for years to come!

After unpacking, please check to make sure the parts don’t show any signs of damage. In addition, check that you have all parts and hardware before assembly. If there is any damage or missing parts, please do not hesitate to reach out through our contact form





Parts and Tools

Parts List: 

  1. Left Side Panel
  2. Right Side Panel
  3. Wooden Dowels (3 to 12 depending on size)
  4. Wood Screws (various quantity depending on size)
  5. Bungee Cord(s) (1 to 4 depending in size)
  6. Optional Top Shelf: Four 2 inch by 1 inch wooden shelf pieces

Required Tools (not included):

  • Screw Driver (if purchased, it will be included with shipment)
  • Rubber Mallet (optional)




Assembly Instructions for Disc Golf Rack


Step 1

Lay one of the side panels down on a towel with the 1” holes facing upward (using a towel on the ground will limit scratches to the outward facing sides of the rack). Insert dowels into the 1” holes (do not affix with screws yet).

  • Note: Dowels are all test fitted before shipment, if the fit is tight, twisting them while applying downward pressure will help them slide into the holes. 

Step 2

Orient the other side panel so that the holes align with the dowels installed in step #1. Once lined up, apply downward pressure to the panel so that the dowels slide into the holes on the second panel. Use your palm (or rubber mallet) to tap the panel ensuring that the dowels slide all the way to the back of each hole. ***If using a rubber mallet, make sure to use a small towel as a buffer between the mallet and panel to avoid unsightly scuff marks!***

    Step 3

    Take the Wood Screws from the baggie, and place into each of the countersunk drill holes on the outside of the upward facing panel. Using a screwdriver, install each screw until the head of the screw is recessed into each countersink hole. Once complete, you should have a smooth surface. Carefully flip the unit over (supporting the unsecured side with your hand to ensure the dowels don't fall out), and repeat this process with the remaining screws on the other side of the rack. 

    • Note: Do not over tighten the screws! This can crack the wood!

    Stand the rack right side up and apply downward pressure onto both sides of the disc rack to ensure all 4 of the legs are touching the ground evenly. The dowels will twist in the recessed holes even if the screws have been tightened. 


    Step 4 - For top shelf instillation only

    If you purchased a disc rack with a top shelf, you will notice there is a shelf spacing template attached to the top-inside of the disc rack. You will use this spacing template to align the 4 shelf pieces along the top of your disc rack. 


    Select your first top shelf piece, and slide it into one of the 2 middle spaces (dealers choice). Ensure that both sides are resting on the spacing template. 

    Note: The top shelf pieces should be snug to the side walls of the disc rack. If you are having trouble getting the top shelf pieces to fit, remove a screw from the top dowel on one side of the disc rack. This will allow for a little more "play" when installing the top shelf. Replace the screw once the shelf is installed. 


    Once aligned, add 1 screw to each side of the top shelf piece to secure it into place. 


    Repeat this process with the remaining 3 top shelf pieces until the top shelf is complete. 


    Step 5

    Take your favorite discs, and load that puppy up!




    Thank you again for purchasing a Shadow Pine Disc Golf Rack! If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Happy Golfing!